I'm a product design leader who loves making complex technologies simple & easy to use. Over the years I've designed mobile wallets, remote health monitoring experiences, photo sharing web sites & apps, and e-commerce applications. I'm currently leading the Service Delivery team at Flexport, which encompasses the end-to-end user experience from supplier warehouses to our clients' final destinations.

In addition to designing user experiences, I've also taught, written, and given industry talks on design. For two years, I taught a graduate level course, Designing Mobile Experiences, at UC Berkeley's iSchool. It was a project-based class with lectures, group projects, and guest speakers from places such as Google and Apple. Back in 2010, after speaking at numerous tech meet-ups about mobile design, Addison-Wesley invited me to write the book Designing the iPhone User Experience.

 If you want to get in touch, I can be reached at suzanne (at) suzanneginsburg (dot) com. You can also learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.