Case Studies

Patient data captured via tracker & scale.

Ejenta Remote Health Monitoring

Ejenta is a startup building an AI Platform for the Internet of Things. Its first application enables clinicians to remotely monitor high risk patients via desktop & mobile interfaces. Voice (Alexa & Google Home) and chat-based UIs are also in development. I've led design since 2014.

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Story editing view (click to enlarge.)

Disney Storytelling Application

Disney wanted to help its users tell their own stories. They acquired a story creation mobile app and adapted it for their target audience. Subsequent user research surfaced many usability issues, raising concerns around product adoption. They brought me on to help address these issues.

Final wallet concept (click to enlarge.)

Intuit Mobile Wallet Concepts

Intuit was interested in exploring the mobile wallet landscape and potential opportunities for the company. The Design Innovation Group hired me as a consultant to help the company visualize mobile wallet possibilities and to then share this vision across the company.