Intuit Mobile Wallet Concepts

Several years before Apple Pay launched, Intuit's Design Innovation Group hired me as a consultant to research & develop mobile wallet design concepts.  The goal of my work was to help the larger company visualize mobile wallet possibilities and for Intuit to then dedicate a team to build a full fledged product. Variations of my work were ultimately used for several internal pilots.

Final Wallet Organization Concept

Early wallet sketches recommended the most "economical" card and showed APR and balance info when users first opened the application. User research surfaced privacy concerns and the desire for more flexibility. For the final wallet concept we made sure users could see all their cards and that only the most essential card information would be shown, e.g., bank and logo. 

Final Payment Flow

After choosing a card from their wallet above, users could wave their phone over the checkout terminal (via NFC) to initiate the payment process.

Final Wallet Setup Flow

The goals of the wallet setup flow were to be flexible, smart & forgiving.  Allowing users to get started by simply taking a photo of one card made the process fun and meant there was a low barrier to entry.