Disney Storytelling

Disney wanted to offer a way for families to tell & share their own stories. They set about prototyping variations before acquiring an iOS app with the desired functionality.

Disney tested the acquired app with prospective users which surfaced many usability issues. They brought me on to conduct a heuristic evaluation and redesign the underlying app structure and interaction design.

Story Creation & Rearrange (Before)

Story Creation Before. User interface elements dominated the experience and many non-standard elements made the user interface difficult to learn to use, e.g., filmstrip at bottom.

Rearrange Mode Before. The screen above is an example of one of the many modes in the application before the redesign. 

Story Creation & Sharing (After)

The redesigned application helped families create & share millions of stories.  For several weeks, the application was the most downloaded app on iTunes.  Notable design changes included:

  • Limited modes. Rearrange & delete could be accessed directly from the story rather than a mode.

  • Improved Scaleability. Introduced “+” to offer more scaleable solution for adding content.

  • Leveraged the OS. Filmstrip replaced with standard iOS photo selection.

  • Simplified sharing. Changed to familiar "compose" email structure.

Story editing view.

Story editing view with "+" menu displayed. 

Users could apply a theme to their story.  "Premium" themes with Disney content were available through in-app purchase.

Users could post their stories on Facebook or share with friends & family via email.