I'm originally from New York but I've been in the Bay Area for many years. In between New York and California I was lucky to spend time living & working abroad. Kyoto and Kagoshima, Japan have also been places I've called home. I love to travel and have had visited many wonderful places in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and South America.

To learn more about my UX journey, read on below...

Early Tinkering

My very first interaction design project was a cookbook created with Hypercard. I deeply immersed myself in the project, went well beyond the class requirements, and had a ton of fun. A few years later, while working for a Stanford professor in Japan, I again found myself tinkering with interaction design but this time it was with Mosaic using HTML 1.0. At the time it was amazing that anyone in the world with a browser & Internet connection could view our work in far off Japan.  

UX Coursework

When I returned to the US, I joined a non-profit that needed help with their web site. I read everything I could find on web design and experimented on my own for a while. Eventually I realized that I could benefit from formal training so I applied to UC Berkeley's iSchool where I learned about information privacy, database design, search algorithms and UX. Every subject fascinated me but UX was my passion. My final project was designing a service to help trace the journey and fate of Holocaust victims. It won first prize in my graduating class.

Yahoo! In-House Design

Upon graduating from UC Berkeley I joined Yahoo! as an interaction designer. I was giddy being surrounded by so many designers and researchers who loved UX as much as I did. When I started out, I was an interaction designer focusing on Community: Groups, Profiles and more. Towards the end of my 6-year tenure there I moved into a design management role and led two Yahoo! Photos redesigns with an amazing 6-person design team.

UX Consulting

After Yahoo! I worked with several design agencies in San Francisco (Method, Odopod, Adaptive Path). Later on, I was really interested in getting into mobile but didn't have the expertise. I was determined to learn one way or another so I started my own mobile projects. Eventually this led to many mobile design talks, a mobile design booka mobile design course, and a blog. I also landed some amazing projects with startups and big companies like Intuit & Disney.

Startup Experience

A few years ago, I became interested in healthcare and wearables and joined a company called Ejenta. I led the design for two remote monitoring pilots for Kaiser-Permanente. My work has already directly impacted people's lives. Anecdotal evidence suggests the product has prevented serious heart events for individuals with Congestive Heart Failure.

I'm now looking for my next adventure. Contact me if you want to work together.